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Schools and Education Organisations

Providing buses to schools and education organisations, is Allens speciality, and we pride ourselves on providing transport solutions to suit any institution or organisation. We have a long association with many schools, providing various types of hire terms:

  • Term or yearly hire agreements for self-drive buses
  • Daily excursion hires for self-drive and charter
  • Weekly camp hires for self-drive or charter for transfers

We understand every school is different and has different requirements, and we are happy to work with you in providing a specific type of bus for a specific purpose.


Term or Yearly Hire Agreements

Our most distinctive hire solution is providing buses to schools, at discounted rates for a full term or year hire. This gives you all the benefits of owning your own school bus, without all the financial burdens of purchasing and maintaining the vehicle.

  • Bus sizes range from 12 to 25 seaters
  • Bus will stay on school grounds for the full term and therefore available for those last-minute sport transfers and excursions
  • Replacement buses provided when bus needs to be returned to Allens for maintenance
  • Running costs such as fuel, tolls and insurance are paid directly by the school and therefore no inflation or administration costs added
  • Heavily discounted rates for long term hires

The school will need to have suitable and secure storage space for the bus. Appropriate heavy drivers licences required for all drivers.

Camp Services

We have a wide range of buses and trailers to suit any type of camp. Whether you require the bus for just the transfers to and from the camp, or for the bus to stay at the camp during the week, we can find the right solution for you. All our trailers are enclosed and perfect for transporting all equipment and luggage.

Daily Hire

Bus and trailer hire for self-drive and charter services available for daily transfers or excursions.


Some of our Buses

12 seater Toyota Hiace
22 seater Toyota Coaster
Various sized trailers
25 seater Mitsubishi Rosa