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Below are our most frequently asked questions:


Drivers and Licences

  • Can Allen's provide a driver?  Yes we can provide one of our drivers, subject to availability of course. Our prices are all inclusive; not per hour.
  • What buses can be driven on a standard car licence?  A 12 seater is the largest bus that can be driven on standard car licence. Anything over requires a minimum of a light truck licence.
  • When do I need to supply the drivers licence?  Generally we get a picture of the driver's licence sent through at the time of booking or whenever you can.
  • How can I send through my licence?   Simply take a picture of your licence, and depending on your technology skills, please either email it to admin@allensminibusrental.com.au OR text it to 0419 497 771 (mobile not monitored after business hours). Please take a picture of the front and back of the licence.
  • Can we have more than one driver?     Yes you can have more than one driver and we won't charge any extra for that, We only require a minimum of one driver's licence for our records. If a speeding fine or something comes in, it will be nominated to the licence we have on file and then the drivers can nominate it on if needed to the driver who was driving at the time.


Insurance and Excess

  • What is the insurance excess?  The Insurance excess is currently $3000 and we don't offer excess reduction. (Allen's reserve the right to increase excess without notice. Please ask for a current excess figure before collecting the vehicle).
  • Do you offer Excess Reduction?    No we don't. Sorry.
  • What is the renters financial responsibility?   Once you start the vehicle up and drive it you are responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle or any loss or damage to third party property and vehicle. This includes damaged caused by acts of nature such as falling trees, hailstorms etc.
  • Do I pay the excess regardless who is at fault?   If the vehicle you have on hire is damaged, you will initially be charged for the insurance excess. If you are involved in an accident where you are not at fault, and we reasonably believe that a third party or a third party's insurer will pay for any loss or damage to the vehicle, then we will refund you any excess you have paid.


Destinations and Tracking

  • Providing Allen's with your destination -   It is the renters responsibility to provide Allen's with information on the locations and destinations you will be travelling to. There are many sites and attractions that require more information and instructions. We can not provide maps and information if we don't know where you are travelling too. During the quoting stage we will ask where you are travelling to. Please provide as much information as possible.  This is more for your sake than ours!!!
  • GPS Tracking -   All vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking.
  • Snow -   Our vehicles are NOT allowed to be taken to the snow. We are NOT insured for the snow regions. Snow regions are high risk with requiring a hazardous licence, snow chains, alpine diesel etc etc. If you require more information please call us.
  • Tullamarine Airport -   All of our vehicles are registered with the Tullamarine Airport. All vehicles need to enter using a specific bus and charter lane. Each time you enter this lane you will be charged a fee. If you enter the wrong area e.g. upstairs departure, you will be fined approx $120. Please advise at the time of booking if you will be going to the airport and we will supply a map and directions. It is the renter's responsibility to advise Allen's where they are going so we can provide information such as this. There is a time limit for the bus and charter lane also, this means you can not be in the bus and charter lane longer than the time requirements or you will be fined.
  • Interstate -   We do not send our vehicles interstate.


Payments and Pricing

  • Do I have to pay a deposit?    Yes, to secure the bus you will need to pay a deposit on credit card. No buses will be put 'on hold' or 'penciled in' without a deposit paid against the booking.
  • If i cancel my booking will you refund my deposit?   No, the deposit is a non-refundable deposit.
  • What payment methods can I use?   Credit card, direct bank deposit and cash. Initially we will require a credit card for the deposit to secure the booking. The balance can be paid by direct bank deposit at least 3 days before the hire date, or cash can be dropped into our office if you prefer. Cash will only be accepted on the day of hire if agreed by Allen's.
  • What credit cards can I use?   Visa or Mastercard. We do not accept American Express. 
  • Can i use a Debit Card?   A genuine credit card is required for the bond, excess and any incidentals such as toll charges or airport tolls. We are able to check if the card is a debit card or genuine credit card.
  • Can i make a payment over the phone?   Yes payments over the phone are welcomed. We just require the card number, expiry and the three digit number on the back.


Bond and Cleaning Fee's

  • Do I have to pay a Bond?   Yes a Bond of $200 - $500 may be charged at Allen's discretion.
  • Do I have to pay a Cleaning Fee?   If the bus is not returned clean you will be charged a cleaning fee of approx $100 - $250 depending on the state of the bus. IT IS AN OFFENCE TO SMOKE ON ANY BUS! If the bus is returned smelling of smoke you will be charged at least $500 cleaning fee. These buses go to schools during the week, we can not provide schools with buses stinking of cigarettes and alcohol.
  • How do you charge the Bond?   The bond is also called a pre-authorisation. We use the Eftpos machine to make a pre-authorisation hold on your credit card. We do not physically take the money off the card we just get your bank to put a hold on the money on our behalf. This then allows us to take all, or part of the money if the bus is not returned clean, full of fuel, in the same condition it left etc. If you would like more information on this please see the Pre-Authorisation Client Info Sheet.



  • Do you rent trailers by themsevles?   No we don't. Our trailers can only be rented with one of our buses.
  • Can a trailer be put on the back of all your vehicles?   Depending on the size of the trailer, we generally only allow trailers on the back of our larger buses. 



Toll Roads

  • Are your buses fitted with E-Tags?   Yes all of our buses are fitted with Eastlink E-Tags. These tags can be used on both Eastlink and Citylink roads. Eastlink charges appear on our account straight away but Citylink charges can take approx. one week to appear on our account. Our e-tags will generally work on interstate roads also.
  • Can i put my own E-tag in the bus or get my own day-pass?   No you can't, sorry. All our vehicles and registrations are on our Eastlink account and it would mean we have to actually remove the vehicle from our account and re-enter it after your hire. This is too time consuming, plus we both may be charged! which would mean you would have to pay twice! We only charge for the tolls you use (IF you use them) plus a 10% processing fee. If you don't use the toll roads, there is no charge at all.
  • When do I have to pay the toll charges?   Once the charges appear on our account we will charge the credit card we have on file for you. Due to the delay in getting Citylink charges we may take longer than expected to process your charges. Please call us if you require the amount and funds to be taken ASAP.






Some of our Buses

12 seater Toyota Hiace
22 seater Toyota Coaster
Various sized trailers
25 seater Mitsubishi Rosa